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“I’ve known Austin for a long time. He played for me for 3 seasons, has worked out some of my current and former players, and has worked Fred Hoiberg camps for 4 years. One thing about Austin is that he really understands the game from both a player and a coach’s standpoint. He wasn’t necessarily one of my more athletic guys when he was at Iowa State, but he was without question a smart basketball player who understood the game. Even as a player, it was very clear to me that Austin was a natural when it came to coaching, and I knew he had a great ability to see the game as well as teach it. Any instruction that Austin gives will definitely improve your game. Smart Basketball Training focuses on the 4 areas of Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling, and Finishing which are the 4 areas I look for when I’m recruiting a player.”



30 ball handling drills that will tighten up your handles and make you unguardable! These drills will prepare you for any game situation and give you the confidence you need to handle the rock like never before!


29 shooting drills that will help you increase your shooting percentage and teach you how to score in multiple ways from every spot on the court!


17 passing drills designed to enhance your ability to pass with one hand and both hands during a game – ensuring that you’ll be prepared to throw accurate dimes at all times!


19 finishing drills that will give you realistic finishing experiences during practice and teach you several ways to score around the basket with either hand!

“I had the privilege of training with Austin for a few months before I left to play professionally in Australia. Coming from a D1 program and having won 2 National Championships at the JUCO level, I have trained with numerous trainers. I was more than impressed at his depth of knowledge and how much I gained from working with him for just a few short months. He is truly a gifted trainer with insight and the ability to articulate exactly what I needed to improve in my game. My biggest take always were a few of the new post moves for my arsenal as well as improved arch on my mid range shooting. Big coaching career in front of this guy. I would definitely refer him to anyone in need of some good skill development.”
“Coach McBeth is a phenomenal instructor that teaches the game the right way! His ability to relate to all players, regardless of ability, knowledge of skill development, and high energy is second to none! The program is very innovative, and is useful for any player regardless of age, gender, or skill level. A lot of programs give you fluff…but everything here is purposeful! I would highly recommend Smart Basketball Training for any player that wants to get better!”
“I finished the 30 day challenge and your program helped me improve my game tremendously. You helped me add new moves to my game and boost my confidence. Also I’ve tried many other programs that claim they will do many things to your game, but they have no comparison to your program.”